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The following leadership opportunities may be available as part of your VHP Chapter this year. Please select any that interest you, and your selections will be shared with your Teacher Advisor.

Officers (check any that interest you, but only one student can serve in each position)

Run the meetings, prepare for the meetings, engage and empower the whole club, report to and work closely with Teacher Advisor.
Support president in preparing and running meetings, maintain and upload files to the VHP Google Drive, maintain hard copy filing system for the club, manage Oral History Tracker updates during chapter meetings, report to and work closely with Teacher Advisor.
Manage communication with other members, take notes and create minutes for the meeting, report to and work closely with Teacher Advisor.
Record all chapter income (fundraising, book sales) and expenses (VHP invoice, chapter spending), maintain chapter book inventory, report to and work closely with Teacher Advisor.

Leadership Roles (check any that interest you, more than one student can serve in each position)

Responsible for maintenance and upkeep of all technology needed for interviews.
Attend VHP Publishing Training to learn Adobe layout software and VHP publishing standards, utilize Adobe software to lay out stories completed by your chapter according to VHP standards.
Organize civic engagement opportunities for chapter, support Reception & Book Signing event planning, collect event write-ups from chapter members for book and VHP newsletter.

In completing this application, I am committing to:
Treat the veteran(s) I meet with the utmost honor and respect during the interview and writing process.
Complete the first draft within one month of the interview, and all the subsequent steps on the Oral History Tracker by December 15 (pictures with captions, required forms, and bio) so the story can be included in that year’s copy of Since You AskedTM.
Regularly communicate with the veteran(s) I interview throughout the writing process to ensure their approval of my written story of their service, and to collect any additional information needed to tell a complete and accurate story.
Give my best effort in ensuring the veteran’s written story is of the highest quality (complete, accurate, well-edited) before submitting it for publication in Since You AskedTM by completing all steps on the Oral History Tracker and complying with the Essay Formatting Guidelines document.
Notify the veteran(s) I interview of the date, time, and location of the Reception & Book Signing Event where they will receive their copy of the book and participate in a book signing.
Follow through on the promise to archive the veteran’s story in the Veterans History Project at the Library of Congress by helping my teacher advisor collect and mail all required materials before the school year ends.

(By signing your full name here, you are agreeing to abide by all six commitments stated above)

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One file only.
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Allowed types: pdf.