Scholarship Recipients

Essay submissions reinforce important character and civics lessons students retain from their veterans.

2019 VHP Scholarship Recipients

1st Place - Harrison Kessel
“VHP has been a constant help over the past four years, giving me self-confidence when other aspects of my life did the opposite. Every story I recorded taught me the infinite value of a quiet, yet strong determination to overcome the challenges life offers. I’ve also had the privilege of laying out four Editions of Since You Asked Phoenix Edition 1. This experience too has transformed my life immensely, as it is in the VHP room where I found a second family of dedicated students and advisors who became my best friends. With them I learned the practical skills associated with creating a book; time management; organization; and teamwork.”
2nd Place - Mikaela Morris
“I have interviewed eight veterans, all of whom have had different life experiences. Some served in war time, others during peace, some were on land, others on sea, but all were shaped by their service and had something to teach me. I think the greatest lesson my veterans have taught me is compassion. Seldom do you find people who are willing to share extremely personal experiences with someone they barely know, let alone a teenager. I will take the lessons learned and relationships built with me as I enter college, and even further into the United States Air Force. My veterans and VHP have shown me how to live with honor and dignity.”
3rd Place - Joanna Mona
“Partaking in VHP has not only given me the strength to be there for people, but also grow academically. It can be a challenge to set my priorities straight and stay organized; however, as the current VHP President, I have sharpened these skills. VHP inspires me to continue pursuing my studies in nursing then join the Navy. Our heroes have taught me to serve with a willing heart. “
Above & Beyond - Karrisa Franks
“As the club historian I go to the club events and take pictures to capture moments I will remember forever. I also seek out veterans at my work. Due to asking others, I was able to receive ten other veterans’ information for them to be interviewed for future books. One of the veterans I interviewed cried at the end and told me how grateful he was that there was a program like this for people like him to share his story. Another veteran asked me to be his adopted granddaughter, and we get together at least once a month.”
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Caitlin Campbell Travel Scholarship

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I would travel through Germany and visit prominent battle sites, paying my respects to the lives lost in the war. In Poland, I wish to visit the concentration camps and be able to reflect on the sacrifices that were made by the Jewish people, minorities, prisoners of war, and the service members. In the Netherlands, I would have the honor to visit the Anne Frank House. This scholarship would gift me the ability to embark on a powerful journey throughout the lands that made up World War II.”  - Emma Suttell, Athem, AZ