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2023 Community Reception
and Book Signing

Thank you for celebrating with us! History came to life, civic pride and gratitude soared, and service was honored.


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Students, families, educators and community members from across Arizona honored the service of their veterans, whose stories they captured in Since You Asked XIXTM: A Salute to Gulf War and War on Terror Veterans at our May 28, 2023 Community Reception and Book Signing.

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Student and Veteran with family
Avha with GWOT veteran
Bill Kummar with family cropped
100 Year old veteran

Thank You

The support of our Community Partners made this event possible.
AZ Humanities
Thunderbirds Charities
Wells Fargo
Lambert Scholarship
“When Judy and I decided to establish this scholarship, we had four criteria we wanted to have in these students that we selected. We wanted them to be patriotic and love their country, respect the military, give back to the community, and have good academic and leadership records in high school. And there is only one organization in the whole state of Arizona that does that, and that’s VHP.” - Frank Lambert
“As a disabled combat veteran, I think it very important to share my story and the many others that came before me and will charge hard after me. This was the best event, from the initial ask, down to interview, edits, and publishing. But the event to sign was incredible, the stories, Color Guard, choir, all of it . . . MAGNIFICENT . . . I cannot thank you enough and I am soooo HAPPY to have been a part of this book series....”- Michael Long
Michael Long Signing a young boy's book
Lea Seago
“Thank you for the most wonderful experience in my life. Great student and great educators. So very professional and such a great learning experience for students. VHP is simply THE BEST! Thank You for including our family.” - Anna Lea Seago, Immediate Past Chair, Unified Arizona Veterans, and Arizona Veterans Hall of Fame Society, Class of 2013

Regional Book Receptions

Florida book signing
St. Joseph Academy in Florida
The St. Joseph Academy VHP Chapter hosted an amazing event for the dozen veterans they interviewed this year. Keynote speaker was Evangelo “Vann” Morris, a former nuclear-powered ballistic missile submariner who served in Afghanistan and other locations for more than 30 years. Following his remarks, Morris performed his rendition of "Old Glory" in which he personified the U.S. Flag.
Video interview of students sharing impact with Vann Morris →
Martha Nunez speaking about her veteran
Kofa High School in Yuma
VHP students at Kofa High School in Yuma, AZ held a reception to honor the five veterans they interviewed this year. Teacher Advisor Tammy Foley shared special words about VHP's mission, and each student, like Martha Nunez pictured above, spoke about the veteran they interviewed. Special display boards showcased photos of each veteran, and guests enjoyed appetizers and cake.