Scholarship Recipients

Essay submissions reinforce important character and civics lessons students retain from their veterans.

2021 Scholarship Recipients

Reagan Blanchard
1st Place - Reagan Blanchard
“I joined Veterans Heritage Project after the first interview I attended in 6th grade. It was the interview of Art Schaeffer, a navigator on a B-17 in World War II. The interview started with one question, and two hours later, I knew everything about his life. I loved learning about his time in service, his perspective and appreciated the opportunity to build a relationship with him and his family. That was the first of ten interviews that I attended and with each I became more aware of what this country is made of. I have a completely different perspective and understanding, not just about the military, but about the world and the place our veterans have in it. VHP has helped me understand the importance of relationships, how to work with others, and why what you say and do matters so much.”
Michelle Satran
2nd Place - Michelle Satran
“Throughout life, most people have a “memory box,” a place to store life-changing moments, photographs of people they’ve shared experiences with, and mementos from favorite places. For some people, it takes their entire lifetime to fill their memory box. But for me, after joining Veterans Heritage Project, it seems I already need to invest in more storage. My memory box is layered with lessons learned and relationships formed with veterans. VHP has opened my eyes and heart to stories of success and loss, and expanded my horizons for all life has to offer. The advice my veterans have given me remains at the top of my memory box as a constant reminder to go out and make a difference in the world.”
Chole Holst
3rd Place - Chole Holst
“In the biography I wrote for TSgt Lacivita, I included a paragraph that explained Agent Orange and its drastic consequences that wreaked havoc on both people and the environment. Afterwards, I also painted him a portrait of his favorite K-9 partner and let him know how honored I was to share his story. I am in VHP because I want to spread word about our military vets. I want people to hear about their best memories or most painful sacrifices. I want them to know how the cruelties of war have affected them, or how the military changed their lives and shaped them into better people.”
Lauren Andersen
Above & Beyond - Lauren Anderson
“I volunteered at the Massing of the Colors event, attended Pearl Harbor Remembrance events, the Memorial Day Celebration, and joined Barbara Hatch at the ADVS Military and Veteran Women’s Summit. I’ve walked with my classmates at Veterans Day Celebrations, and attended every book reception. I volunteered as lead editor for our 600-page book in 2020, spending over 200 hours laying out veteran stories and helping construct our beloved book. As vice-president for our chapter, I helped run meetings and worked closely with teacher advisors. VHP is the most valuable and irreplaceable feature in my life, and every second that I’ve devoted to the club has been priceless.” 
Jim Lednicky
Jennifer Caitlin Campbell Memorial Travel Scholarship - James Lednicky
“Visiting the Czech Republic would provide an insight into the history of the country and a lesser-known chapter of WWII and the Cold War. As someone who plans to become a U.S. military officer, it is important for me to have a broad view of the world, to be well-versed in global cooperation, and to understand the military history of the European continent. It is more vital than ever to be a global citizen who has a firm grasp on the current state of the world as the world’s economies, politics, and cultures become increasingly interdependent. Understanding how other democratic societies function is key to developing plans and ideas on how to better participate in, improve, and protect American democracy.”